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Partial List of Projects:

Commercial Buildings:

60,000 sq Ft. Media Village, Burbank
10,000 Sq Ft. Honolulu Office, Los Angeles
35,000 Sq Ft, 1000 N. Central, Glendale
23,000 Sq ft Laboratory, Fort Collins, Colorado
250,000 Sq ft Cold Storage Facility
4,000 Sq Ft, Department of Defense Remodel, Glendale
Toluca Lake Trinity Church, Burbank
Central Bank of Glendale


38,000 Western Center Museum of Archeology & Paleontology
28,000 Center for Water Education, Hemet


325 N Third St., Burbank (Senior Housing) 147 Units
Northwoods Village, 54 Units, La Crescenta
1330 Bush Street, Santa Ana 47 Units
5640 Farmdale Ave., Los Angeles 37 Units
353 E. Tujunga, Burbank 20 units
45180 Fern Ave., Lancaster (Senior Housing) 124 Units
1433 Rockglen Ave., Glendale 18 units
1401 Valley View Rd., Glendale 63 units
525 N. Kenwood St., Glendale 24 units

Condominiums & Townhomes:

Mission Meridian Village 67 units
Glendora Mixed-Use 26 units
Deuville 24 units
Orangebrook 31 units
Chester House 30 units
Mediterranean Woods 36 units
Heritage Townhomes 20 units
8650 Belford Avenue, Westchester 280 Unit Conversion
70707 Frank Sinatra Drive , Rancho Mirage, California 95 Units
Sinclair Gardens 71 Units

Single Family Subdivisions:

Oakmont View 126 Lots
California and Haven Street, Glendale, 27 lots
Glenoaks View 28 lots

Current Projects:

Huntington Park Single Family Subdivision
San Fernando Mixed Use
100 Condominium Above Retail
Pennsylvania Court, Glendale
53 Affordable Apartments
Arcadia Affordable Housing

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